Archives & History Committee


The Archives & History Committee preserves GPLLA’s historical materials. 


  • Identifying and collecting materials related to GPLLA history, such as chapter programming materials and event photographs.

  • Organizing and maintaining GPLLA archival materials.

  • Facilitating access to such materials when requested.


  • Lori Corso ( 

  • Jessica Martin (

Bylaws Committee (ad hoc committee 2019-21)


The Bylaws Committee maintains GPLLA’s bylaws. 


  • Review Bylaws for compliance with AALL requirements and make suggestions to reflect current chapter needs.

  • Drafting Bylaws amendments when appropriate.

  • Coordinate approval of any proposed changes to the Bylaws with the Board.


  • Julie Randolph

  • Eric Berg

  • Erin Vassalotti 

Career Opportunities Committee


The Career Opportunities Committee coordinates and publicizes job postings and career opportunities that are of interest to GPLLA members.


  • Maintain GPLLA Job Board to host postings from members.

  • Repost positions listed on AALL and elsewhere applicable to GPLLA members.

  • Promote GPLLA forum subscription.


  • Tom Baer (

  • Keena Hilliard (

Communications & Outreach


The Communications & Outreach Committee creates, manages and maintains the GPLLA website, GPLLA’s social media presence and other channels of communication shared with members and the public.  This is done with an intent to promote GPLLA events and activities to members as well as to attract new members.


  • Manage GPLLA website.  Develop policies and procedures regarding the website and maintain its’ currency.

  • Ensure that all events and announcements are posted to website and appropriate social media channels.

  • Develop and maintain best practices for file hosting for all committees and the Board.

  • Provide instruction to Board and other members on website posting and maintenance.

  • Coordinate with other committees and the Board to solicit new website content.


  • Allison De Weerd, GPLLA Webmaster (

  • Nicola Dixon (

  • Jessica Martin (

  • Mary Cate Mata (

  • Charles Perkins (

Education and Programming Committee


    The Education and Programming Committee provides educational programs, seminars and classes for GPLLA members.  


    • Identify topics of interest, plan and execute the GPLLA annual institute program.

    • Maintain GPLLA’s online legal research course.

    • Coordinate lunch-and-learn and other educational programs.

    • Suggest speakers and topics for new programs to the Board and membership.

    • Handle all aspects of educational program planning including but not limited to: identify topics of interest, identify and secure speakers, secure location for event, plan budget for event, coordinate with Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee, Communications and Outreach Committee and Board as needed, obtain program materials to be shared with membership, follow up with speakers and membership as needed, etc.


    • Leigh Cohen (
    • Andrew Hutchinson (
    • Julie Randolph (

    Grants & Scholarships


    The Grants & Scholarships Committee administers GPLLA's grant and scholarship offerings. The Board will determine what grants and scholarships GPLLA offers.


    • Determining eligibility criteria for GPLLA grants and scholarships.

    • Promoting GPLLA grants and scholarships.

    • Developing workspaces and workflows to collect and review applications.

    • Reviewing grant and scholarship applications.

    • Working with GPLLA's Treasurer to disburse funds to successful applicants.


    • Tom Baer (ex officio)  (

    • Genevieve Tung (

    Membership & Networking


    The Membership & Networking Committee maintains GPLLA membership and plans and coordinates social networking events.


    • Create and distribute new member messaging.

    • Form relationships with other local librarian associations to grow membership.

    • Create and distribute member surveys to solicit feedback on services GPLLA provides.

    • Plan and facilitate social networking events (i.e. happy hours both virtual and in person, library tours and other opportunities for members to come together).


    • Emma Kearney (

    • Mary Shelly (

    • Erin Vassalotti (



    The Nominations Committee identifies and nominates a slate of candidates for leadership and other titles, and manages the election process. 


    • Nominates a slate of candidates to fill each position on the Board of Directors.

    • Prepares a ballot to be submitted for a vote by the membership.

    • Counts all valid ballots cast by voting members and announces results to the membership.


    Social Responsibilities



    The Social Responsibilities Committee supports GPLLA's mission to promote law librarianship and improve the usefulness of law libraries, focusing specifically on access to justice and legal information, diversity, equity, social and racial justice and civil liberties.


    • Build relationships and collaborate on projects with area nonprofits, organizations and other institutions to support the legal information needs of the Greater Philadelphia community, including the general public, self-represented litigants, and public librarians.

    • Identifying, organizing, and hosting volunteer and service opportunities for GPLLA members.

    • Coordinating with the Education & Programming Committee to offer educational events relevant to social issues.

    • Monitoring news and governmental developments relevant to GPLLA's mission and suggesting follow-up actions to the Board. 


    • Kristen Matteucci, Chair

    • Eric Berg 
    • John Cannan 
    • Andrew Lang 
    • Paul Riermaier 
    • Mary Cate Matta 

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